Thursday, March 31, 2005

Do you ever catch a glance of yourself in the mirror and think " Wow, I have a nice a** "

It happened last night - never happened before...

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

I don't know what's up with my typing lately... often, I try to type Luc and it ends up as Kyc (nmay right hand is one key over I guess). And just now I tried to type shopping and it ended up as sdhoppint. That's not even close!

I just realized the month is almost over and I didn't use the Yeah! word yet... So here goes... I know you're all reading and waiting to see how creative I will be in using it... It takes a lot of work to put together just the right post... So...

It's spring, yeah!

That is all. Worth the wait?

Don't forget to call your grandmothers this April Fools Day (on Friday).

I just had a four day weekend for Easter and I love four day weekends. When I was a kid, I kept thinking "wouldn't it be great if the weekends were always 3 days and we worked only 4 days," then I'd think "or even better, if we had 5 days off and worked for 2 days only (work weekends, rest all week)"

Aaaah... holidays.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

I always wondered... do submarines (Blog Word of the Day) smell bad inside? It seems like a bunch of people sitting in an enclosed space which purposely doesn't have windows that open would create a musty smell. That being said, I'd like to go for a submarine ride someday.

Everyone, no matter what job they do, should have an MP3 player on their desk at work and be able to listen to music when they work. Well, maybe not if you're serving lunch at McDonalds or a restaurant - the clients might not be happy - but if you have a job where you can do that, I highly recommend it. Turn it up!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Another thing I don't understand are coconuts (Blog Word of the Day). I know how they "work" - they taste good when they're shredded in a bag but we saw one the other day and Sara says "Do you want a coconut?" I mentioned that the last time we bought one we couldn't get it broken I don't think (I don't remember - I just remember thinking that I didn't plan to buy another coconut. And the stuff inside is called milk but it looks like water almost. Anyways, I don't understand them but I do like and understand coconut cream pie.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Back to working today... ready to take on the day, and the week, and the month... well, there's only 9 days left in the month so that should be easy. Ok, and I'm ready to take on the year! Motivational Luc - that's my name for today. Though it's Mr. Motivational Luc to you.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I took some time off this week because I've been really exhausted lately. I realised something... when you decide to work one day to catch up in the middle of some time off, you work REALLY hard on that day... Oh well... I'm done my work. I can rest tonight - off to see my second girlfriend... television... I love her.

Friday, March 11, 2005

So Sara was talking to me and I was making up what I "thought" I heard.

I asked her something, she said "Yes". I said "No?" She said yes a couple of times then "affirmative." I said "Gerber baby?" She mumbled something - I said "What? The sun glistens on car windshields?"

It's a lot of fun!

Thursday, March 10, 2005

It was really windy the other day and Sara was talking about taking a walk - she said she'd be walking with the wind in one direction and on the way back she'd be against the wind. I mentioned she should park the car at one end of the boardwalk, put it in neutral, walk to the other end, and wait for the car (which would be pushed by the wind) to get there.

I just noticed a job posting for a big box renovation store looking for someone to work in their warehouse. I read the job description and I was sure I saw "Stroking merchandise" - I was like whoa! I diodn't know it was that kinda job. Turns out it's "Stocking merchandise" - makes a little more sense. I've always been a biot ilitrate.

Friday, March 04, 2005

It's official... Luke is a cool name (my name, but mine's spelled differently). First there's the song and now I checked a site that lists popularity of names by year... It's cool (and pretty accurate since the friends' names I checked in most cases reflected the time when they were born as the highest popularity. Now maybe when I ask people if they're naming their kid Luc I'll hear someone actually say yes (I always call the kids Luc anyways because that's the name they should have had - makes them feel important).

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Ok, first, this message is gonna sound geeky. It's not usual. If this is your first time reading my blog, read other postings too - I'm nut usually like this.

I learned more about Excel in the last 2 days than I ever thought I would need to or want to. But I was able to get some stuff figured out that was pretty advanced and, weirdly enough, I'm proud of myself.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

I'm hungry.

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