Friday, December 24, 2004

Merry Christmas! I'm on holidays for a week and a half... doing nothing but sleeping, eating, and resting. And maybe watching a bit of TV. I love Christmas!

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

I was shopping over the weekend with my brother in law. We were at Staples and he starts to tell me that he's got a good spot to hide the presents for my sister (I hope she doesn't read my blog). I asked him where and he said somewhere she never goes. Then he looked down.

I said "In your pants????" He said "The basement."

It was comedy!

A post I made on Dawni's blog made me think of the
"I don't know, what would Luc say? t-shirts I created... I wonder if anyone bought any...

The blog word of the day is elevator (Blog Word of the Day) which is interesting since on the Usenet newsgroup alt.fun.with.luc people used to always post elevator stories... finding something to post about an elevator. But when I tried to find a story about elevators, I realized that living in a small place, there aren't a lot of elevators. I'm trying to think of the last time I was in an elevator and I actually had to ask Sara - it was on a trip to Ottawa (where we were there just about 24 hours earlier this year before we started heading back). Oh well, I guess the fact I don't take a lot of elevators is an elevator story in itself.

Monday, December 20, 2004

So I rebuilt my song from scratch - it turned out pretty well actually. It's on my music site (as well as on my SoundClick page and ZeD page). It's eight and a half minutes of pumping house music and the lyrics go "When learning how to dance, it is important to listen to the rhythm of the music."

A while back I posted about this dream I had - I wrote down the idea for a song in the middle of the night just as I woke up and in the morning, I looked at the piece of paper and the title was "Shoving Pooh Up Your Nose". At Thanksgiving, I was entertaining people with the story and my sister-in-law's parents-in-law (or something like that) were laughing a lot about it. Well, I sat down late last week and recorded a short song called Shoving Pooh Up Your Nose (Last Night I Dreamt) and I put it on a CD to send a long with their Christmas card. I can't wait for them to hear it.

I have been working on a song for weeks... It was almost done, and I realized it was reminiscent of an old song. So I worked on changing it and now it's gone crazy. Nothing works in the song. I should have saved before to at least have a starting point to go back to and change it again from there. Oh well... Maybe after lunch I'll try again.

I was smart this weekend. I wrote down ideas for posts as soon as I thought of them.

But the piece of paper is now on my desk somewhere... I will track it down.

Friday, December 17, 2004

Every friday should be pizza day. Then, on saturdays, even though it's not pizza day, people should still eat pizza. Then, on sunday, people could eat whatever they like. Then, monday to thursday should be filled with thoughts and talk about pizza. Also, since they're thinking or talking about it anyways, they should eat pizza on those days too. Wow, I don't think I ever used the blog word of the day (pizza) this often in a post before.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

I did a bit of work on my music page today... I've been working on a lot of music lately so I've got bits and pieces of new songs done which I'll likely add to the site as I complete them - it's great to have a girlfriend (Blog Word of the Day) who is willing to sing vocals on songs and record samples.

Friday, December 10, 2004

We had a ham (Blog Word of the Day) supper yesterday and for some reason, pineapples are really cheap in the last couple of months ($2.50 CDN) so we bought one, used some for supper, ate some on its own, and I froze some (it tastes great frozen!) Mm... now I'm hungry.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

I have a note on my desk... I think I asked Sara to write it... it says "Black and White Banner". I have no idea what it means. There was another note on the same piece of paper and I knew what that one meant. Hmmm....

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

I realized last night that watching shows like America's Funniest Home Videos is not as funny (Blog Word of the Day) when you watch it alone. Sara was out shopping and I watched some show like that - I was thinking "This is funny (Oh, the Word of the Day again), but it could be funnier."

Monday, December 06, 2004

Sara and I have figured out that we can't buy Christmas presents for each other too far in advance of Christmas. We can't wait to give the presents so we end up saying "oh, go ahead and open it, I want you to see it."

So far, I've gotten a box of Ovation chocolates - I hadn't had them in years - I don't think you're supposed to eat the whole box at once, though... Sara got a Chef's techniques book (and put it to good use over the weekend... we ate very well)... and ewe each have a few presents that we know the other one bought because we were together when we saw them "Oh, I want this for Christmas" - "Well, we might as well just get it now to make sure they have some left"...

I love Christmas!

If you don't already know that I love television, you likely haven't been reading my blog for very long... Well, yesterday, I was watching Nick and Jessica - I find it a funny show - and Jessica (who people pick on a lot but I think she's really funny and interesting) says when she was a kid in school, the teacher asked if someone could name the 5 continents. She was all proud and raised her hand - it was the first day of school and she was so happy she could answer the question. She says A-E-I-O-U (which are vowels and not even consonants). It's funny! I'd seen the rest of the episode (I always missed the beginning) a few times and somehow ended up watching the whole thing again.

Man, I love that show Big Fat Obnoxious Boss...

Friday, December 03, 2004

I've figured out that I really like sleeping, I really like working, I really like resting and having fun after work. The parts of my day I don't like as much are the times where I'm getting ready for bed and the time where I'm getting ready for my day. I just want to get to work, I don't feel like taking time to eat breakfast, shower, etc (don't worry, I shower every day). Oh well, that's just what I was thinking this afternoon. And I guess I had to post something because my dad says I've been neglecting my blog by not posting.

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