Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I tend to forget to post on here lately... I've been so busy that I've done quick short updates on Twitter, waiting to have the time to make longer posts on here.

I've been working on a new site that's taking a lot of programming work but should be a lot of fun and useful when it launches.

And we've got another one, a very Web 2.0 type site/tool that I'm just waiting to work on more actively. I don't really like programming - I like what the programming can accomplish (I think back to when we had to do our sites and content manually in HTML with Notepad... Well, I still use Notepad a lot but I'm programming database-related sutuff instead of static pages.

So this project has quickly become a large one, programming-wise, but it's turning out to be really interesting. We continue to have our best ideas at like 3 or 4 in the morning... We've tried to do otherwise, but when an idea hits you, it hits you.

I've been working hard. I want my boat. I'll get my boat. See? The power of positive thinking. Ok now I'm off to rest my head...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

We went to the museum of science the other day... It was fun. I "drove" a container ship where it was sort of like a video game. But I found that driving it carefully around the icebergs was sorta boring. So I decided to veer towards the starboard side (see? I can talk like a boat guy - that means right) and crash it right into the iceberg.

Then a video comes on with one of the crew members saying like she's scolding you "Captain! You hit an iceberg!"

Then she says "Well, ok, try it again." or something like that. It was funny.

And not related at all, Sara and I have a contest to see who can get to our weight loss goals first. The prize? King or Queen of the office. Forever.

Monday, May 05, 2008

You notice odd things when you lose weight. The first thing I noticed a while back is that my fingers were bony. When I was washing my hands, I could really feel it. Not it's the spot just above my, um, special place - basically the spot RIGHT under my stomach, right above my walalalala.

All kinds of spots are tightening and I'm feeling bones near my shoulders I never knew I had. It's nice.

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