Friday, March 30, 2007

My favourite part of buying a bag of bagels is the bunch of sesame seeds at the end of the bag... all the sesame seeds that fell off the bagels. I take them and put them on the last bagel... so it's uber-sesameyey. I know, that word doesn't realy make sense but when you think about it, it actually sort of does.

Anyways, lately, we've bought spicy bagels sometimes. They're sort of sesame bagels with other stuff, and they're hot. Not hot like "Hey Sara, you're hot!" but hot like in hot chicken wings.

If you take the seeds from the bottom of a bag of spicy bagels, and put them on the last spicy bagel, it's really hot. My mouth is still burning and I finished it a while ago. A perfect snack at 12:30 at night (I won't be going to bed for a while). I'm still hungry though.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

We went to the casino tonight. Usually, I'll play like 5 bucks or sometimes $20 and I rarely will win.

Tonight, I had some money I had put aside to have some fun with. We went, I played Blackjack at the tables (had never played the tables before) - All that was open was the $15 minimum table - I lost a couple of hands at first but then I won a few times. Then I left the table and went back. I won again. I got Blackjack twice, tipped the dealer a $5 chip and later a $2 chip. And I ended up about $8 up after that or something like that.

Then I played the slots. Sara pointed out the Playboy slot machines. We went to play that. I won a $100. Yay!

I love Playboy! And the casino!

Friday, March 23, 2007

I've been writing funny messages in the memo field when we transfer money between our bank accounts. It asks for the amount, the date, and there's a space if you want to add a comment. I assume it's for things like "money to pay for the pool" or something like that.

Sara and I have been writing things like "I like noodles" and "Poodles are small".

Now I've expanded my repertoire (big word, but really, I'm not even using it right I think). Sara said she likes getting text messages from me. So I just sent "curtains are for windows. aight."

Anyone want useless text messages, let me know. I send them from the Internet (if you don't know what the Internet is, just let me know, I'll give you a good URL to check for information about it) - F*k that's funny. Seriously, that's comedy. So it'll probably cost you (the companies usually charge more for messages sent from the Web than messages sent from another cell phone. I don't have a cell phone. That's not how I roll (I don't need 2 phones that I don't answer). But if you want dumb messages from me, you'll probably get more laughs then those joke a day things for like $3 a day.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Woo hoo! I made 3 bucks! Doesn't sound like a lot but it's actually a really good thing (long story)!

Five dumb questions I made up because I have nothing to do while I wait for a trade to make me a profit:

1. If you bought a turtle, what would you name it? I can only think of Myrtle, which is probably what everyone names them.

2. Do you like noodles?

3. How long would it take you to say the alphabet backwards?

4. Oh, wait. I think I have a profit. That's all for now.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I learned something today. You can't lift someone by pulling up on their jeans' belt loops.

That is all.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Still can't get to bed early... it's like 3 or 4 am by the time we get to sleep.

Oh well... I never did like mornings too much anyways.

I've been sort of addicted to watching YouTube and MySpace videos lately. I don't really care what it is - people talking about nothing into their Webcam, comedy videos, dumb things people do in their backyards, whatever...

Monday, March 12, 2007

For some reason, we can't get to bed lately. Every morning, we think we're going to go to bed early the next night. Then, in the evening, we're still planning on it. Then, just before it's time to go to bed we either get hungry, or decide to start trading (currency trading), or we start watching a movie.

Oh well...

Thursday, March 01, 2007

This is what I did today.

I got stuck in an elevator.

I had a headache and wasn't that hungry, so I ate throughout the day 3 bagels.

Did I mention I got stuck in an elevator? With 2 girls? (see, now I got your attention).

I met with my accountant. He handles my bidness.

The elevator was in a store - it was stuck between the ground floor and the main floor. It seems to happen a lot because one of the two girls in the elevator with me (the other one was Sara) was an employee of the store and she opened the elevator doors. BUt when the interior ones were open the outer ones were still closed. That's kinda scary.

The doors finally opened but the elevator was like 6 inches higher than the floor. We walked out and everything was ok. I didn't have to save anyone.

That was my day today.

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