Thursday, March 29, 2007

We went to the casino tonight. Usually, I'll play like 5 bucks or sometimes $20 and I rarely will win.

Tonight, I had some money I had put aside to have some fun with. We went, I played Blackjack at the tables (had never played the tables before) - All that was open was the $15 minimum table - I lost a couple of hands at first but then I won a few times. Then I left the table and went back. I won again. I got Blackjack twice, tipped the dealer a $5 chip and later a $2 chip. And I ended up about $8 up after that or something like that.

Then I played the slots. Sara pointed out the Playboy slot machines. We went to play that. I won a $100. Yay!

I love Playboy! And the casino!

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