Saturday, May 26, 2007

I don't feel like taking the time to write a long post about everything I've been doing lately... So here's a summary:

-I'm probably on 1000 YouTube videos like this one from when people were celebrating on the street that the Ottawa Senators are going to the Stanley Cup Playoff (this is likely the first time and the last time you'll ever read anything about hockey on this blog). When you see the big crowd in the middle, going crazy and cheering and jumping on the videos, we were standing right next to them. Then everyone started walking to Parliament Hill in the street. Everyone was giving each other high fives. Borat style. It was fun. We all sang O Canada on Parliament Hill. Then we walked back and Sara and I bought sparklers for the fireworks that night.

-I'm shrinking - We've been walking a lot in the past year and we've been losing a lot of weight. Sara says I have chicken legs (a good thing - they're getting skinnier).

-In the past while, we've ordered late night chicken delivery one night and tonight, late night greek food delivery. I love delivery.

-We own like 60 rolls of toilet paper right now. We got groceries delivered the other day and since the guy's doing the delivery, we get 1) heavy stuff (lots of cans) and 2) big stuff (toilet paper). Someone else drives it and carries it to our door. He has a cart. This way, we don't have to carry a lot of groceries home if we're walking back from the grocery store.

-We went to the mint the other day (where they make coins) and we got to hold a gold bar that was worth like $400,000. It was cool (and pretty heavy). When we left, I said to Sara all casually "I'll buy it for you if you want." Luckily she didn't say yes.

-We almost rented a boat today. There were going to be thunderstorms. So we will rent one next week.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Yesterday was clean sheet day. you know, the day where you did laundry and put clean sheets and pillowcases on the bed. I was looking forward to getting into my comfortable bed all day.

But last night, I couldn't actually get to bed... I didn't feel like going to sleep. I was working on music stuff a good part of the day, learning some tricks and how to use some new music programs. I was able to find out how to do some great stuff... then, at like 4 a.m. I thought OK, I'll go to bed now... But then I installed a new program (that can fix the sound of someone who sings off-key...) - it was a lot of fun. Then, at like 4:30 or a bit after, I went to bed. I was surprisingly not that tired. And even this morning, I felt great.

I've got a couple of songs that are almost done... should get them all finished up soon. Yesterday also gave me some ideas for an interesting album I'm thinking of putting together with some of my songs... So much that can be done! Fun! (hey, that rhymes!)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

So I almost died tonight.

We were walking downtown and some car was leaving a parking garage, going pretty fast while we were crossing in front of it. Then, I saw the car wasn't really slowing down - I put my hands towards the hood and sort of said "Whoa" out loud. Then, the car stopped just a few inches from my legs (my hand was actually over the front of the hood, that's how close it was) and I looked at the driver - the girl was staring at me, her mouth open and her hands on her cheeks (like in that painting The Scream or whatever it's called).

Sara thought I had been hit (from where she was standing she didn't know). She was quick - she had memorized the license plate and everything!

It was weird. Oh well, it's all good. Then I kept joking around, saying "I almost died" to Sara, over and over as we walked home. She said it would have been depressing to spend the last 2 hours of my life at one of those real estate seminars you see on late night informercials. I said that would actually have been a pretty funny story. The near-accident was as we left the seminar.

We go to those make money fast type seminars for the entertainment. Hey, it's a cheap date (assuming you don't fall for their sales pitches!)... It's funny... Tonight the guy's like "some people - not in this group but others - go and stare at the ceiling (e both did that - I could describe it pretty accurately to you), they don't take notes (we didn't take notes)"... then says "what did they think they were coming to watch a play?" He was sort of insulting to people who don't care but then I thought how funny it is that that's EXACTLY what were were there to do! We go to watch the show.

Then on the way home, we thought "Why are we giving our real names? We should make up seminar names." Mine is Cliff Huxtable. When they ask "Really" I can just stare and say yes.

Sara's seminar name is Ming Mei Finklestein.

We'll see how that goes next time.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

So we've got some bans at our house.

Basically, once in a while we go crazy eating or buying one specific thing for a little while without really noticing then one of us gets sick of it (usually me).

For example, we had a "ban" on pasta for a while. We had so much that I was like "If we buy any pasta for a while I'm throwing it out." That ban's been lifted.

Recently, we've had to ban tomatoes.

Today, Sara told me that the ban on Zip Loc baggies was "lifted" (we had bought a whole bunch without noticing we still had tons at home). But now we're back to normal.

Also, there's a ban on tuna.

I tried to ban pork schnitzels (we buy them at the grocery store really cheap) since we've got like 4 or 5 in the freezer. But Sara says "we can't ban schnitzels". But we'll have to slow down a bit at buying them. Maybe we'll call them pre-banned.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

What is wrong with my spelling? IN recent posts, I talked about shararmas and stuff that samells.

I should maybe get one of those shirts that says "Speeling Bee Champion" or something like that.

Edit: Ok, it keeps getting worse... I just noticed "IN" instead of "In" above - and that I spelled shawarma as both sharawma and shararma lately. Oh well - I'm hungry... no relation to this post - maybe it's the sharama talk making me hungry. Oops. I did it again (seriously).

Friday, May 04, 2007

I made the best purchase in the world yesterday.

We had bought some soap a few weeks ago. When we used it, Sara says "this soap smells like a**. I asked what it smelled like. She repeated the same thing. Then when I took my shower, I understood what she meant. It smelled like the farm. I have no idea why they would choose a fragrance that samells like that but the company has been around for a while so I guess something's working for them.

Anyways, yesterday I said "If it's ok with you, I'm taking $3 out of my fun money to buy that soap and throw it down the garbage chute."

So we went out, bought some non-a**-smelling soap from a different company, and the old smelly one is sitting in a bag waiting to be disposed of.

I got out of the shower this morning, after using the new good smelling soap (Dial) and said "Ooh! Glad I used Dial" (their commercial had something like that a while back). I feel energized! I love Dial. It had been years since I'd used it (if ever). And it doesn't smell like a**. Maybe that should be their new motto... "Dial... It doesn't smell like a**"

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Finally. I was downtown today and wasn't hungry for a shararma. I think it may have passed. For now.

Oh, and I had the best Chinese moon cakes... They're tough to describe - sort of like a big soft cookie... The guy at the chinese store told me I should try another flavour - he said they were really good. He was right. It was better than the original kind. I love chinese moon cakes.

Oh, speaking of food, I saw this recipe today for French Toast with Apple and Cheese... sounds weird but looks great... I have to try that at some point.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

My chicken sharawma addiction continues I think. I had one yesterday. And I had one on Saturday at the mall. Can't get enough of those things. I've been trying all kinds of different places - had the best one I ever had the other day at a place where they were like 75 cents cheaper than anywhere else.

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