Friday, May 04, 2007

I made the best purchase in the world yesterday.

We had bought some soap a few weeks ago. When we used it, Sara says "this soap smells like a**. I asked what it smelled like. She repeated the same thing. Then when I took my shower, I understood what she meant. It smelled like the farm. I have no idea why they would choose a fragrance that samells like that but the company has been around for a while so I guess something's working for them.

Anyways, yesterday I said "If it's ok with you, I'm taking $3 out of my fun money to buy that soap and throw it down the garbage chute."

So we went out, bought some non-a**-smelling soap from a different company, and the old smelly one is sitting in a bag waiting to be disposed of.

I got out of the shower this morning, after using the new good smelling soap (Dial) and said "Ooh! Glad I used Dial" (their commercial had something like that a while back). I feel energized! I love Dial. It had been years since I'd used it (if ever). And it doesn't smell like a**. Maybe that should be their new motto... "Dial... It doesn't smell like a**"

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