Monday, February 28, 2005

So there's a new song out called "We Love Guys Named Luke" by a band called Mu. I thought I would try to buy it but IO just heard a clip and it... weird. But it's cool that they have made a song saying what everyon'es known for years... that everyone should love guys with my name.

They have another song called "Paris Hilton" - which made me think about something my brother in law said this weekend - he was mentioning that he heard Paris Hilton's cell phone had been cloned or something and all of the numbers on her speed dial had been released to the world. Then, I said "Yeah, and ever since, my phone hasn't stopped ringing" - I'm sure my number was on her phone. I know everybody. And besides, everyone loves guys named luke.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Sara doesn't like iceberg lettuce. To me, lettuce is all the same. It is also the word of the day.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Really... who drinks tea (Blog Word of the Day) anymore?

Friday, February 18, 2005

So I'm thinking... it costs me a nickel to post an audio blog entry (the long distance charge for a minute if my post is shorter than a minute). So now the phone company can say "If I had a nickel for each time Luc posts audio to his blog... oh, I do."

Well, the joke is funny in my head at least.

By the way, I'm not affiliated with that phone company, I'm just cheap.

Wow. I just tried audioblogger.com to post an audio post by phone (the post is below). This is cool! Blogger never ceases to impress me! I end up using that yak.ca service for long distance (I think it might just be good in Canada) because it's like 5 cents a minute to the U.S. where the audioblogger number is (posting is free, you just pay the long distance). It's cool! I thought of throwing away my keyboard but maybe I'll wait a bit...

this is an audio post - click to play

I talked to my grandmother last night - she's cool. She's 93 years old and her condition is great - she probably does more than I do (you can never reach her at night - she's always playing cards or whatever with the other ladies in her building - until like 10 or 10:30 at night)... my uncle, who's about 60 and probably not even as good shape as my grandmother these days, said the other day "I can't wait to be her age to be in the shape he's in" - you can have a perfect conversation with her - she'll get your jokes (well, mine at least) and she's fun to talk to. She's so relaxed, it's nice to talk to her. It was cute last night, she was mentioning she's worried about getting Alzeimers (sp?) but she said even if she had it, it wouldn't last too long at her age. I told her if she's made it so far, she should be ok. I still want to do a parade at her house.

On an unrelated matter, for some reason, I'm hardly getting any junk mail since last night - with our business, between three mailboxes, we usually get about a thousand messages a night (many can't be filtered because they're used for a variety of customer service uses)... which we have to sort through the next morning - takes even longer on mondays. But since last night, it's like 150 or so. I don't know what's going on - hopefully it's just spam messages that don't get through, and not messages from people actually writing to us.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

I think I'm officially sick of tomatoes (Blog Word of the Day). I've had tomato sauce on pasta lately, took a bite of a tomato that, well, wasn't good any more, I've had tomato everything. I'm sick of tomatoes at least for a couple of weeks.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

I just saw someone's blog that said they got up at 4:48 p.m. today... that person is my hero.

My song's down to #88 today... maybe it'll go back up. For some reason, a bunch of people listened to it a couple of days ago all of a sudden. Maybe more people read this blog than I thought... feel free to post and say hi if I'm talking about you. Or not, that's ok... thanks for reading!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Whoa! My song's up to #70 today... Coolio.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Wow. I just checked my location on the SoundClick charts and I noticed that one of my songs, "It Is Important", which had fallen off the charts just went back up and is at #135 today on the house charts. Cool.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Pizza's here!

So there's two pizza specials at a pizza place...

One is a 12" pizza and 12" garlic fingers (basically, cheese pizza with lots of cheese) - or another special is one 18" pizza.

Which one has more in it? 2 12" pizzas or one 18" pizza?

We got the 18" one...

Yay! It still sounds good on the second day! I make music (mostly dance music) and and I noticed that sometimes, I'll be working on a song and it sounds great, but the next morning, when I listen to it, I'm like "what have I done?"

Well, I worked on a song yesterday and it sounds great still today. Plus, today I made it even better... It's great!

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

I think my favourite tv show has always been COPS... Though I've watched it probably a thousand times, I never noticed the lyrics of the song "Bad Boys" (I even have the CD but never listen to lyrics much). Sara told me one day that they say "When Sheriff John Brown come for you" in the song... I knew exactly who they meant - it's one of the police officers that was on really often at the beginning. I was just watching the Maury Povich show for a minute and he was on there as a guest - his name is John Brunell or something like that. It's cool!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

I was looking at the Blog Word of the Day which is mouse and it made me think of when I was a kid, there was a booth in a mall - like a photo booth but it played a cartoon. You paid whatever amount and you'd sit there to watch the cartoon for a few minutes. It was cool. The only movie I remember watching was either Mighty Mouse or Tom & Jerry (one of them was a mouse) - my sister and I sat and watched it. Now that I think about it, it would have been easier to watch TV at home. My poor mom was probably just standing there waiting for the movie to end. It was a cool machine!

I just ate pancakes. Now I feel better.

I'm hungry.

Monday, February 07, 2005

If you like caramels (those square caramels usually by Kraft), you HAVE to try this...

We had a can of sweetened, condensed milk... we heard a while back that if you put the can in hot water on the stove for a while, it'll turn into caramel-type sauce or something (you have to be careful because the can and likely the steam in the can gets HOT).

We tried it but didn't leave it long enough... it was just thick milk... but Sara put the condensed milk in a saucepan and cooked it on low heat... mixing most of the time but giving it short breaks once in a while... (be careful, it gets HOT!) When it's hot it smells a little sour but doens't taste sour and when it cools down, doesn't smell either. It turned into a texture and taste exactly like those caramels. It's SO good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mmmmm!

Apparently if you make it in the can, it has to be on low heat for like 2-3 hours and never let the water boil away - it has to be covered the whole time. Oh, the Eagle Brand site has information about making it but they say never to heat an open can. You've been warned - try it at your own risk! :)

Another site, in french, says how to make it... it's at the bottom, called Caramel Dolce leche.


Friday, February 04, 2005

So I was thinking... Let's say you want $60,000, here's how to do it. Seriously.

10 cents is easy to save or find around your place... some people might not even pick up a dime on the ground. Basically, 600,000 times 10 cents is $60,000. I know it sounds like a lot but when you think about it, we were at the grocery store today and bought a cheaper brand of ketchup. If we saved 20 cents, that's 2 on the way to 600,000... but there were a few things we didn't buy but had planned to buy - at $1.50, that's 15 more towards your 600,000. Of course, if you're counting things you thought of buying but didn't seriously plan to buy, it won't really count... I figure in our groceries today, because we were really careful, we probably saved at least 200 dimes by little things here and there... I've got only 580,800 to go! I'm serious about this - even though it sounds like a joke, it's not that tough to do - and it's extra money in your pocket. Cool.

I'm hungry for Pizza Hut buffet (pizza being the Blog Word of the Day).

I remember when my friend Jason and I didn't really have jobs after college/university and we'd go there for breakfast all the time (at lunch time)... you get your money's worth that way if you eat two meals at once...

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I just figured out that I have no idea what day of the week today is.

I think it's Wednesday. I worked so hard in the last few days that I thought I should take the rest of the week off. But then I started to wonder if it's monday, tuesday, wednesday or thursday today - I didn't think it was Friday. Hmmm... Yup, it's Wednesday.

There are two things I don't understand. Corn bread (bread being the Blog Word of the Day) is one of them, the other thing, I can't remember right now.

Anyways, what's the deal with corn bread... it's not dessert - there are corn bread muffins but they're not really that sweet. And it's not really bread since it's a little sweet and sometimes it's shaped like a muffin. So is it dessert or just regular bread? Or both or none? That is my thought for today...

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