Friday, February 18, 2005

I talked to my grandmother last night - she's cool. She's 93 years old and her condition is great - she probably does more than I do (you can never reach her at night - she's always playing cards or whatever with the other ladies in her building - until like 10 or 10:30 at night)... my uncle, who's about 60 and probably not even as good shape as my grandmother these days, said the other day "I can't wait to be her age to be in the shape he's in" - you can have a perfect conversation with her - she'll get your jokes (well, mine at least) and she's fun to talk to. She's so relaxed, it's nice to talk to her. It was cute last night, she was mentioning she's worried about getting Alzeimers (sp?) but she said even if she had it, it wouldn't last too long at her age. I told her if she's made it so far, she should be ok. I still want to do a parade at her house.

On an unrelated matter, for some reason, I'm hardly getting any junk mail since last night - with our business, between three mailboxes, we usually get about a thousand messages a night (many can't be filtered because they're used for a variety of customer service uses)... which we have to sort through the next morning - takes even longer on mondays. But since last night, it's like 150 or so. I don't know what's going on - hopefully it's just spam messages that don't get through, and not messages from people actually writing to us.

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