Saturday, July 23, 2005

My legs have been hurting for 2 days after we went fishing for clams the other day. It was cool... the bar clams are huge (you can't take them unless they're at least 4 inches wide). It made good chowder!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I just had the weirdest lunch.

I took a bread roll, put in some corn twists (sort of like yellow cheesies) and a slice of cheese.

I thought adding a coconut cookie would help make it more interesting but it was better without it.

Mmmm! It was really good.

Friday, July 15, 2005

I went back to the fair to take a picture of this funny sign today... How can you inquire if you can't use the stairs? :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The game wasn't there. I guess it wasn't making enough money for them... actually, I think a different company runs the fair now - everything's different. Oh well, I did see a funny sign but I didn't have my camera. I will go back this week to take the picture.

We're going to the fair today. There's a game there that I call our "ATM Machine." Basically, it's a big wheel with dollar bills around it. You have to be careful with those games because the person that runs it, if they've been doing it for a while, end up knowing where the wheel will end (they spin the same way each time so after a while, they can know where it will end based on where it starts)...

Anyways, most of the time, it's a local teenager running this one. But the wheel's got $1 bills on most spots and some are $5, $10, $20 bills (maybe 50 too). So you put a quarter on whichever spot and win the equivalent if it falls on the bill you chose (if you put a quarter on the $5 bill spot, you'll win 5 quarters).

I hope you're still following me.

The thing is, most of the time, the wheel falls on the $1 bills. Hardly anyone chooses those because they're going "for the big money." We put our quarters on the $1 bill spot. The wheel spins and we usually win a quarter. We take the quarter we won and put it in our pockets. We play another quarter. The wheel falls on $1 again. We win another quarter. We stay for a while then we go spend our quarters. If we need more, we go back to the game. We usually win. It can be slow but we win just about each time. I guess we could play $1 each time... hmmm....

I love the fair.

Friday, July 08, 2005

My dad was visiting and he took a picture of us at the beach.

I hope he tells Frank how much fun he's having (assuming Frank really exists).

Parliament Hill is nice at night (the photo is courtesy of the Government of Canada Hill Cam).

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

This is the camera...

We just bought a digital camera. We didn't want one that would be big and bulky... I hate carrying a camera around. So we go a little tiny camera from Radio Shack (their Nexxtech brand) for like $30. It fits in the palm of your hand.

The quality is surprisingly good. And it's tiny tiny tiny! Even driving around it took a pretty good picture. It's cool for blog pictures. I just wanted a camera so next time I see a sign like "No bouncer. Throw yourself out" outside a pub like I did about a year ago, I can take a picture.

Or of an ugly car.

No offence to yellow Ford Thunderbird lovers.

I love the camera. You can take 26 pictures in the mode I'm using. It's really cool.

Could you get a nanny if you don't have kids?

It would be nice to have someone to do my shopping and run errands and take care of the house. I wonder how much a nanny costs...

Wow, Google's engineers are smart!

I was just checking directions from two locations using Google Maps. From: 111 Rue Albert, Ottawa, ON, Canada to 59 Rue Sparks, Ottawa, ON, Canada - it gave me directions... but the system was smart enough to figure out that some of these streets are one-ways and it gave me the directions, needing to go around the block to the destination. Wow. I am impressed.

I never saw a picture taken from 96 floors up before... The other buildings look like ants from up there.

I was just thinking about the coolest shoes I ever had. As a guy, I rarely think of shoes. But I just saw a post (I think I may be addicted to that "next blog" button - I've used it so much, I keep seeing the same blogs) about shoes and it made me think. I've actually had two really fun pairs of shoes in my life. The first one was in high school, I had Coca Cola shoes that I got at a press conference. They were a couple of sizes too big so to make the white at the end stand out a bit less, I painted toes on them. The picture of me and the shoes made the yearbook one year.

Later, I bought what I call "Fishy shoes" - they were some kind of deck shoes you'd probably call them - with all kinds of designs on them including fish. I've never seen others like them but they were fun.

Now, I have normal running shoes.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

So I'm an uncle. I have been for over a year or so. And I've been wanting to make sure I'll be the cool uncle. There are only two others in the realm (from the other side of the family) so it should be ok - but then again, one guy, Josh, could end up being a pretty cool uncle. So I just want to make sure I'm "the" fun uncle... I guess I'll have to brush up on my knock knock jokes just to make sure.

My sister's adopting a girl from China so I will be an uncle again soon and, of course, I'll be that child's cool uncle. Well, besides my half-brother I'll be the only uncle.

I've told everyone I don't babysit. But I'll be a good uncle. I, luckily, have two really cool and funny uncles (though all of my uncles are nice) and it's good for kids to have that.

Tonight is the show I love, "Fire Me, Please."

It is funny. Sara was talking with my sister the other day and mentioned that if you were to do the same thing - walk into a new job, be annoying and don't care about anything or anyone, and you got fired on the first day, you'd still get paid. I thought "hmm! that's interesting! That's what I could do as a career. You could have a lot of fun with your jobs."

Then, my sister said "but you couldn't find the time to go to all of the interviews" but then we all figured out that you could go on interviews after 3 p.m., once you got fired.

You could have a pretty well stress-free, fun job annoying people. It's great!

Why can't more blogs be like my friend Jason's blog?

I'm trying to find new blogs. I've spent hours today clicking on "next blog" - wading through the junk/spam blogs, those with fancy designs that get rid of the next blog button, those who are just plain boring or negative... and I found very few that I would read all of the time.

This is what I look for:

posts need to be short (like one paragraph posts) - like jason's
needs to be updated pretty often - if only jason would update like 10 times a day then i wouldn't need to find other blogs to read
needs to be positive - no complaining - like jason's
needs to be non-political - like most of jason's posts
needs to be funny - like jason's
needs to not be on a black or dark background. They make me dizzy. - they should be like Jason's

I think those are all of my requirements.

Monday, July 04, 2005

You know, free food really does taste better.

I just got chocolates from my neighbour from the U.S. (Happy Independence Day - and while I'm at it, Happy Canada Day - I didn't post this weekend).

And my sister just called to let us know that she has cheese curds she bought for us.


Whoa - this is weird.

I just noticed on a blog if you lift your foot and move it in circles clockwise and then with your right hand, you write the number 6 on a piece of paper, the direction of your foot will change. It's creepy! I'm left-handed but I wrote with my right hand anyways, and it worked perfectly.

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