Tuesday, July 05, 2005

So I'm an uncle. I have been for over a year or so. And I've been wanting to make sure I'll be the cool uncle. There are only two others in the realm (from the other side of the family) so it should be ok - but then again, one guy, Josh, could end up being a pretty cool uncle. So I just want to make sure I'm "the" fun uncle... I guess I'll have to brush up on my knock knock jokes just to make sure.

My sister's adopting a girl from China so I will be an uncle again soon and, of course, I'll be that child's cool uncle. Well, besides my half-brother I'll be the only uncle.

I've told everyone I don't babysit. But I'll be a good uncle. I, luckily, have two really cool and funny uncles (though all of my uncles are nice) and it's good for kids to have that.

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