Thursday, November 16, 2006

I woke up to this outside my window this morning. It's the hook thing for a crane. It looked like a wrecking ball. I thought "maybe the building is being demolished and I didn't get the memo."

Actually, I didn't really think that. I knew they were installing the crane to move stuff. But it does feel a little odd looking out the window and the ball is just hanging there...

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ok, what's the most annoying thing about raspberry jam?

Those little pits.

Well, it turns out some genius invented a jam that doesn't have the pits. It is so good! Thanks Mr. Nopit!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Last night, Sara and I decided to learn a bit of Mandarin. When we go to Asian stores and say thanks in Mandarin (the only word we knew), the people there are always really happy and smiling.

So we went online and learned some more. I know Thank You, Hello, and How Are You. I can't remember I am fine yet. As long as they don't try to talk to me because that's all I know. I thought I could learn "Sorry, those are the only words I know so far" but it took long enough to learn "hello" that I'll wait a bit.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Wow, got my inbox down to 92 messages so far... more tomorrow. If only I could be as good as Sara at keeping my inbox almost empty.

Ok, so I'm really slow at filing/deleting/replying to messages in my inbox.

Tonight I had almost 500. It was time for a cleanup. I brought it down to 301 so far.

But now I'm tired. I got up early this morning. I don't care to do it again but I think I will be getting up early in the next while to work... I know, it's silly talk. But it's true.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

So today was Hallowe'en. I found something about Hallowe'en in Wikipedia and it turns out the way I've been spelling Hallowe'en my whole life is the old way of spelling it.

I went to my doctor's office - I told the assistant (who wasn't dressed up but had told me to wear a costume when I set up my appointment) "I like your costume. You're dressed like a podiatry assistant" then I mentioned I was dressed as a podiatry patient.

I thought of a funny thing to dress up as the other day. I was going to wear a blue shirt with a collar and take an empty5 gallon (18 L) bottle of water on my shoulder and go as the water guy. But here's what makes it funny: You go dressed up as that and go trick or treating on November 1st because my water guy is always late hahahaha man that's comedy. I know, you're surprised I don't charge for this stuff.

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