Wednesday, November 01, 2006

So today was Hallowe'en. I found something about Hallowe'en in Wikipedia and it turns out the way I've been spelling Hallowe'en my whole life is the old way of spelling it.

I went to my doctor's office - I told the assistant (who wasn't dressed up but had told me to wear a costume when I set up my appointment) "I like your costume. You're dressed like a podiatry assistant" then I mentioned I was dressed as a podiatry patient.

I thought of a funny thing to dress up as the other day. I was going to wear a blue shirt with a collar and take an empty5 gallon (18 L) bottle of water on my shoulder and go as the water guy. But here's what makes it funny: You go dressed up as that and go trick or treating on November 1st because my water guy is always late hahahaha man that's comedy. I know, you're surprised I don't charge for this stuff.

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