Thursday, September 28, 2006

I was just lying down on the floor of my living room and it started to smell like someone's baking muffins. Not just a pan of muffins, it smells like a bakery baking a bunch of them. But Sara went out shopping so it's not her. And I can't think of any place around that makes muffins. Unless there's a new muffin store on my street. I will have to investigate one of these days. I like muffins.

I also like the McDonalds ad that talks about muffins and english muffins where the guy keeps asking questions about muffins and english muffins and the other guy answers "Don't go to England." Comedy.

I'm hungry. Maybe Sara is buying me a treat.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Did you know it's 2006?

I was just writing today's date and I started writing September 27, 2004. Then I had to change it to 06... That's weird. Happy New Year!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Did you know that some parents with really small kids consider "crap" to be a bad word? You learn something every day.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Man I'm funny!

Sara just asked me if I put the drops in my ears (I have to put drops in for a few days because I had water behind the ear or whatever they call it).

I said yes, I put them in after my shower.

She said "When was that?"

I said "right before I put the drops in!"

Hahahahahahahahaa that's comedy! Poor Sara.

Friday, September 08, 2006

You know, not to be ego-boy or nothin' but: Man I'm GOOD!

I was just working on music and I impress even me.

That is all. Carry on...

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Today, it's another installment of Luc's Real Life Tip.

Today's tip is all about the crap cart.

Yes, it's a funny word, and it applies to your daily life.

The crap cart is basically that cart, in the grocery store, or at Wal-Mart, or at the entrance or the back of a clothing store, or at any store, that has discounted, leftover goods. For example, at the grocery store, they'll have day old baked goods, or brown bananas and lettuce that expires today.

Well, you see, the thing with the crap cart is that it is stuff that no one else wanted. If you're in a clothing store, and find something there... it MIGHT be there because all of the other sizes are gone, or for some other reason, but basically, it's there because no one else wanted it. Now, do you want to be walking down the street in the clothes no one else wanted to buy? Or do you want to listen to the CD that no one else wanted to buy (in my experience, you usually listen once and that's it - no matter how good the CD looked)? Or buy the food that no one wanted? Cans last a long time. If they're on the crap cart, they're likely really old.

Often, you'll get home and the bread you bought lasts about 24 hours before it starts to get mould on it.

If it's a gadget that looks interesting, try to figure out... why is is sitting here on the crap cart calling your name? If your name is "sucker" then by all means, go ahead and buy it. Hopefully you'll find a sucker who wants to buy it at your garage sale next year. No, wait, you likely won't... that sucker would have bought it at Wal-Mart already and it wouldn't have ended up on the crap cart.

One of our friends laughs just at the name - when we're in the grocery store, we'll look at bananas or something and think - maybe there are some on the crap cart to make banana bread with. At the grocery store, I once yelled "To the crap cart!" and got Sara to follow me... hopefully there weren't too many people around.

Of course, there are exceptions like that, where it can provide a good deal on something you need. But though the crap cart can be an interesting thing to view, it shouldn't become a daily part of your day.

I hope this helps.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I love vacation! Especially vacations where you stay at home and do nothing... I rested lots, and yesterday, on the last day of this vacation, I stayed in bed until like 2:37 p.m. I loved it!

Today, we wenty talking around downtown and we saw a Kung Fu school. Once my toe's better, I think I might take a course. It would be cool. Jet Li style. Sara's thinking of taking Kung Fu lessons too.

Then, we spent half the day shopping in asian markets... It was cool. Had some great dumplings anda variation of Thai noodle soup for supper by Chef Sara.

Did you know that fancy hotels in Los Angeles are expensive? Found out the flight is under $500 but the hotel would be over $1200 for 4 nights (I checked for Sara because there's a screenwriting expo over there later this year). Those hotels looks NICE though.

And if you watch Big Brother, tonight has to have been the best episode all year. I didn't get into it as much this year as before but man it was good tonight!

Ok, enough tangents... well, speaking of tangents, when I was in radio school, we had a teacher for Public Affairs that we called tangent man. He would talk, then end up on a tangent, then end up on a tangent of his tangent, until the story was so way off we really didn't have much of an idea of what he was talking about at all. The course had such an impact on our lives that 13 years later, I still call my friends from that class and say "Hi, this is Luc, I was in your public affairs class". That, my friends, is comedy! Well, I don't know if those friends think so because I've been saying that for 13 years but it's funny to me. And, really, that's all that counts.

Arrivederci for now!

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