Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I was just thinking about the coolest shoes I ever had. As a guy, I rarely think of shoes. But I just saw a post (I think I may be addicted to that "next blog" button - I've used it so much, I keep seeing the same blogs) about shoes and it made me think. I've actually had two really fun pairs of shoes in my life. The first one was in high school, I had Coca Cola shoes that I got at a press conference. They were a couple of sizes too big so to make the white at the end stand out a bit less, I painted toes on them. The picture of me and the shoes made the yearbook one year.

Later, I bought what I call "Fishy shoes" - they were some kind of deck shoes you'd probably call them - with all kinds of designs on them including fish. I've never seen others like them but they were fun.

Now, I have normal running shoes.

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