Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Why can't more blogs be like my friend Jason's blog?

I'm trying to find new blogs. I've spent hours today clicking on "next blog" - wading through the junk/spam blogs, those with fancy designs that get rid of the next blog button, those who are just plain boring or negative... and I found very few that I would read all of the time.

This is what I look for:

posts need to be short (like one paragraph posts) - like jason's
needs to be updated pretty often - if only jason would update like 10 times a day then i wouldn't need to find other blogs to read
needs to be positive - no complaining - like jason's
needs to be non-political - like most of jason's posts
needs to be funny - like jason's
needs to not be on a black or dark background. They make me dizzy. - they should be like Jason's

I think those are all of my requirements.

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