Thursday, May 10, 2007

So we've got some bans at our house.

Basically, once in a while we go crazy eating or buying one specific thing for a little while without really noticing then one of us gets sick of it (usually me).

For example, we had a "ban" on pasta for a while. We had so much that I was like "If we buy any pasta for a while I'm throwing it out." That ban's been lifted.

Recently, we've had to ban tomatoes.

Today, Sara told me that the ban on Zip Loc baggies was "lifted" (we had bought a whole bunch without noticing we still had tons at home). But now we're back to normal.

Also, there's a ban on tuna.

I tried to ban pork schnitzels (we buy them at the grocery store really cheap) since we've got like 4 or 5 in the freezer. But Sara says "we can't ban schnitzels". But we'll have to slow down a bit at buying them. Maybe we'll call them pre-banned.

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