Saturday, May 26, 2007

I don't feel like taking the time to write a long post about everything I've been doing lately... So here's a summary:

-I'm probably on 1000 YouTube videos like this one from when people were celebrating on the street that the Ottawa Senators are going to the Stanley Cup Playoff (this is likely the first time and the last time you'll ever read anything about hockey on this blog). When you see the big crowd in the middle, going crazy and cheering and jumping on the videos, we were standing right next to them. Then everyone started walking to Parliament Hill in the street. Everyone was giving each other high fives. Borat style. It was fun. We all sang O Canada on Parliament Hill. Then we walked back and Sara and I bought sparklers for the fireworks that night.

-I'm shrinking - We've been walking a lot in the past year and we've been losing a lot of weight. Sara says I have chicken legs (a good thing - they're getting skinnier).

-In the past while, we've ordered late night chicken delivery one night and tonight, late night greek food delivery. I love delivery.

-We own like 60 rolls of toilet paper right now. We got groceries delivered the other day and since the guy's doing the delivery, we get 1) heavy stuff (lots of cans) and 2) big stuff (toilet paper). Someone else drives it and carries it to our door. He has a cart. This way, we don't have to carry a lot of groceries home if we're walking back from the grocery store.

-We went to the mint the other day (where they make coins) and we got to hold a gold bar that was worth like $400,000. It was cool (and pretty heavy). When we left, I said to Sara all casually "I'll buy it for you if you want." Luckily she didn't say yes.

-We almost rented a boat today. There were going to be thunderstorms. So we will rent one next week.

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