Friday, March 30, 2007

My favourite part of buying a bag of bagels is the bunch of sesame seeds at the end of the bag... all the sesame seeds that fell off the bagels. I take them and put them on the last bagel... so it's uber-sesameyey. I know, that word doesn't realy make sense but when you think about it, it actually sort of does.

Anyways, lately, we've bought spicy bagels sometimes. They're sort of sesame bagels with other stuff, and they're hot. Not hot like "Hey Sara, you're hot!" but hot like in hot chicken wings.

If you take the seeds from the bottom of a bag of spicy bagels, and put them on the last spicy bagel, it's really hot. My mouth is still burning and I finished it a while ago. A perfect snack at 12:30 at night (I won't be going to bed for a while). I'm still hungry though.

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