Thursday, March 01, 2007

This is what I did today.

I got stuck in an elevator.

I had a headache and wasn't that hungry, so I ate throughout the day 3 bagels.

Did I mention I got stuck in an elevator? With 2 girls? (see, now I got your attention).

I met with my accountant. He handles my bidness.

The elevator was in a store - it was stuck between the ground floor and the main floor. It seems to happen a lot because one of the two girls in the elevator with me (the other one was Sara) was an employee of the store and she opened the elevator doors. BUt when the interior ones were open the outer ones were still closed. That's kinda scary.

The doors finally opened but the elevator was like 6 inches higher than the floor. We walked out and everything was ok. I didn't have to save anyone.

That was my day today.

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