Thursday, September 02, 2004

I just found this as my old profile on the National Capital Freenet site - I guess I wrote it up like probably 10 years ago...

User's interests:
eating cheese, really bad infomercials, sleeping (try it - it's fun!), Oopies, dance music, making people laugh, standing on my head, and singing Yankee Doodle (try it - it's fun!)

User's affiliations:
Affiliations... lemme see... I'd like to work in a cheese factory, someday... but I guess I'm supposed to put CURRENT affiliations huh?

User's Project:
I want to become Jamaican - and I want to be a guest on David Letterman's show

User's Plan:
Well, I went to visit a cheese factory already, so I guess I have to get a new plan...

How about this.... naaahhhhh

Ok, ok I've got it!!!! My plan is to.... no, that's silly...

Ok, my new plan, is to go... oh, no that's too boring.

Ok, no plan.

(well, except for making alt.fun.with.luc the most popular newsgroup, in alllll the land!)

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