Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Last night, I was looking through an old file to try to find a baby picture of me with headphones on and me with... well, I"m not sure what they're called - I used to call them "tam tams" but I don't know if that's just the french way or that's just what I called it when I was a kid... they're like little tiny drums you use your hands with.

Anyways, I didn't find the pictures there but I found a bunch of old quotes I had written down for my Web site - funny things my friends have said - and I also found a list that I wrote called "Funny Things To Do At A Gas Station." Maybe it's because it was late, or maybe it was surprise, or maybe it was my delivery of the jokes, or maybe it was really funny, but we were sitting there laughing so hard - I had tears and could hardly talk, it apparently sounded like I was crying because I had hiccups and I was laughing - Sara was just laughing and looking at me and then we'd laugh some more. It was comedy. I will type the list up at some point.

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