Tuesday, October 19, 2004

April Fools Day is coming up (well, in just over 5 months)... a few years ago, I posted something online that I was planning to do a million pranks for April Fools Day and I would list it on my site as I do the pranks. The whole thing, actually, was a prank in itself. When they went to the Web site, it said "April Fools".

Every year when I was a kid, I'd call my grandmother and tell her something like there's a big parade in front of her building with elephants and other animals. I don't know if she really got up but she said she did and went to look, then, I'd say "April Fools" and be laughing.

Today, I still call her every year, more as a joke than anything else... she's 93 and still playing along - though last year, I think I really got her because I told her to turn her tv to a channel I decided on - I told her that her building was on the news. I saisd there was something about a fish supper (in french April Fools is "Poisson d'avril"... basically April Fish.

I keep thinking that it would be funny to do a major one some year, and actually plan a parade on her street on that day... have the whole neighbo(u)rhood involved in a major April Fools prank. That would be so much fun... and she definitely wouldn't expect it!

I love Gramma. She so cute!
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