Thursday, October 07, 2004

I'm trying to remember the name of a store that had ads on tv when I was a kid. It was from the Rochester, NY station I think. The announcer would be all excited, and then, you'd hear in a relaxed voice "And this week's specials are:" and the guy from the store would have whatever specials "ground beef, one ninety nine a pound", etc. - I think I've got it!!! They'd end... "at J&E Grocery, 99 Reynolds Street" or something like that. One of my friends went to Rochester years ago and had looked for it - I don't think he had found it.

I loved those ads (though I was too far to go take advantage of the sales... also, I was probably 8 years old so I didn't have a big meat budget).

Ahhh... good old J&E Grocery (or whatever they were called).

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