Thursday, October 07, 2004

Speaking of ads... there's a really funny radio campaign here for a gas station chain. They have a contest once a year where you can win prizes by collecting city names. You can also win instand prizes like chocolate bars or whatever. On the radio ads, the announcer calls and and has a really perky, excited voice. The guy who answers the phone is really low key and relaxed acts sort of surprised.

The conversation below isn't the exact words but it goes something like:

"I heard you won something lately, what was it?"
"Wow, that's great, you must have been so happy."
"I guess"
"Who was the first person you told?"
"Wow. She must have been SO happy for you!"
"I guess"
"Now, where were you when you found out you won?"
"Right at the counter"
"Wow, the staff there... they must have been so happy"
"I guess"

Then it goes on. That started last year, I think. This year, they did the campaign again, but they "called" the same people - they asked how their life changed since they won, etc.

It was funny!!!!! I never heard as many as I would have liked but they were comedy!

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