Friday, November 05, 2004

It was SO windy today, our barbecue rolled about two feet over. So I braved the wind and put some bungee cords to keep it from moving again. Then, we took a drive downtown to see how the water was and I've never seen it move around so much. High winds like today usually happen more in the winter when the water in the harbo(u)r is frozen. We were sitting there and the waves were crashing onto the sea wall type thing and over our car. Then, thinking that being hit repeatedly by salt water might not be the best thing for our car, we took it to a car wash.

Lise et moi avons regardé le film The day after tomorrow he=ier soir. Tu devrais le louer. Les vagues sont assez hautes que tu n'a pas besoin de faire laver ton auto après, y en reste plus d'auto.
Bonne journée.
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