Wednesday, November 10, 2004

So the next time you're at a party and either people have nothing to talk about or things are just boring, just ask "So, what did everyone have for breakfast today?" and seriously, people will get all excited and passionate about breakfast - what they had or didn't, why they eat breakfast every day or not... whatever, at least they're talking about something different.

Also, once they're not saying anything, one that used to work (though I haven't tried in a while) is "So, did anyone see The Simpsons today?" and all of a sudden, people are all riled up about how they don't like it or how they find someone funny, etc.

I heard once that the person you find funniest on The Simpsons is the person you're the closest to being like... I'm trying to figure out who I find to be the funniest - it's a mix between the kid who eats paste, Homer, and the grandfather.

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