Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Finally, I'm back at work... with thousands of e-mails to go through from the past week, it's been a busy day.

We hada great Christmas and new year. Actually, I got the most surprising Christmas present... I opened what I was pretty sure was a CD and I look and it's by Tiffany. Who knew she had done a CD in 2000. The price tag said $13.98 or something like that... I was like - wow, that's a lot of money for a joke. Sara and my sister were laughing. They bought it as a joke since I used to LOVE Tiffany... I had a big crush on her and I liked her music a lot when I was a teenager. Well, I put the CD in to listen to what it sounds like and I found out that... IT WAS REALLY GOOD! The joke's on them, I guess since it's a great CD - I listened to it a bunch of times at Christmas time and it was like one of my best gifts!

It was cool.

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