Friday, January 14, 2005

Years ago, we got calls all of the time to sell carpet cleaning, newspapers, etc.

I got a call one day from a newspaper. Unfortunately, my answer of "we're all students, we have no money" didn't work. He said "well, if there's 4 people splitting it, it's just [whatever the amount] each per week."

I said "I'm not interested." He said "may I ask why?"

I said "I don't read the news, it's too depressing"

He had a last effort to try to sell me, saying "but it's only [whatever amount] a week."

I told him "No thanks, I can think of a lot of cheaper ways to get depressed."

He started laughing and said it was the best answer he heard.

It was funny.

Later, my mom tried it and the woman who was calling apparently was crabby and didn't laugh.

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