Thursday, February 10, 2005

So there's two pizza specials at a pizza place...

One is a 12" pizza and 12" garlic fingers (basically, cheese pizza with lots of cheese) - or another special is one 18" pizza.

Which one has more in it? 2 12" pizzas or one 18" pizza?

We got the 18" one...

Okay, if I think back to highschool math, you're gonna come out on top with the 18 inch. And here's why

a (area) = p(pi) *r (radius)squared
so, with the 2 12 inch pizzas, the calculation is as follows:

but you got two pizzas, so that's an area of 226

but with the 18 inch, here's the calculation


which is more than 226.

so you are getting 28.34 more with the 18 inch.

I'm available all week for your calculating dilemmas. Thanks high school math. I'm glad I (half) paid attention.
Moi j'ai vu la pizza hier et tu aurais dû parler de l'épaisseur en plus du diamètre.
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