Wednesday, April 20, 2005

It's funny that today's word of the day would be "elevator". When the alt.fun.with.luc newsgroup was really popular... tons of people would be posting and for some reason, a running joke ended up being elevator stories... people who post would usually post some sort of story about an elevator. I don't know where it started but it was fun. There was a crazy lady story too but I don't remember it exactly.

Anyways... the only elevator story I can think of is that I haven't been in an elevator in months. Probably since last summer. There aren't a lot of elevators in this town so it can be a while. Though years ago I worked delivering mugs for a radio station and spent most of my days going up and down elevators in buildings... so the elevator sound at each floor probably still rings in my head sometimes.

That, though not being funny or even mildly interesting probably, is my elevator story for today.

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