Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I realised yesterday that it was already the 6th of September. I thought it was maybe the 3rd. It doesn't seem to make a big difference but it felt like summer was already getting to be far away. I'm glad I got the chance to enjoy summer a bit more than I did in the last few years. I had been working too hard. This year, I took more time to walk around and go to the beach then work.

Oh well... now that people have been complaining about the heat all summer those same people will start complaining about the snow.

I don't really care what the weather's like. I'm happy with whatever - if it rains, it's an excuse to stay home, if snows, it happens every year - I don't see the big deal (guess some people think there won't be snow each year) - it gets rid of the bugs anyways... If it's hot out, that's what happens in the summer. So I don't care what it's like. Half the time, I don't even notice the weather - people ask me what the weather's like out here and I have to think for a while. People worry too much about things like that. in case you're wondering, it's sunny today.

Il pleuvait à Gatineau aujourd'hui. J'espère qu'il fera beau pour le golf dans les Laurentides la semaine prochaine.
C'est vrai que lorsqu'il neige il n'y a pas de bibites. Il manquerais plus rien que ça!!!
Stéfany dit que tu est très drôle.
Wow. I can't add to the French, but let me say "hi." You welcomed me when I started my blog, so I thought I'd check out yours. I enjoyed my visit...enjoy the weather!
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