Tuesday, September 13, 2005

This weekend, we went to a family picnic that my sister was having for work. We ate really good hot dogs and then they had games.

I figured I was in... Potato sack race - Sara fell and was out but I kept going - There were a bunch of kids competing too so I didn't want to run way ahead of them so I gave others a head start. Then, I learned something. Kids are really fast. I couldn't catch up.

Then, one kid wanted to race again, no one else wanted to race him. I figured I might as well. I went a bit slowly at the beginning then the kid started speeding through jumping like a mexican jumping bean full of sugar. I tried to catch up but he beat me. I got beat (and I was actually trying) by a 10 year old kid.

We had an egg in the spoon race. I didn't do too well on that one.

Then, there was the three legged race. Sara and I competed and we got to the finish line about an inch behind the winners. It was so close!

I'll have pictures later.

Then, a big HUGE dark cloud came in and everyone packed up. We got to the car as it started to rain. Then, we went to the grocery store and sat by the water afterwards - when the weather's interesting, we like to sit by the ocean (in our car). I looked at the back window and said "hey, is that hail?" - then it started hailing. It was cool!

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