Monday, January 23, 2006

We just got our car fixed because the snowplow tractor put a dent in it. They paid for it and were cool about it which makes me happy.

A guy from the company that did the body work/painting of the car was waiting outside in our car to drive Sara to their garage and sign the paperwork and stuff. While he was waiting, I saw him take a cassette out of the radio (yes, we have a cassette player), look at it, flip it over, look at it, then put it back. I thought "That's sorta nosey" then I thought maybe he never saw a cassette before. They're old skool. When Sara comes back I want to ask her what tape it is... maybe I wrote jokes on it or something, hence the staring.

Oh, I just used the word hence for the first time in my life.

That is all. I have some TV to watch.

Moi j'ai déjà eu un système "eight track" dans ma voiture. Il fallait une valise pour transporter les cassettes.
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