Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I just had the weirdest, coolest snack in the world!

We got a coupon this morning in one of those Val Pak envelopes. I like cheap stuff.

There was a coupon for a deep fried Mars bar, buy one get one free.

Deep fried Mars bar???? Hmmm... interesting. I've been wanting to try deep fried ice cream but never got the chance to yet. This could be the next best thing.

I don't eat a lot of deep fried stuff but this got my interest.

It was SO good. They basically take the chocolate bar, put batter on it and deep fry it. Then they add some ice cream on top. And then we could get chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, strawberries, whatever on it. I said "just throw a bunch of things on there, I don't care" - they put butterscotch and chocolate sauce, and added peanuts.

It was weird, interesting and REALLY good.

Then I had some water and an egg salad sandwich for dessert.

WOW Where did you get that??!
Hmmmm sounds amazing!

I will take you and Sara to deep fried ice cream soon :)
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