Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Not to be ego-boy or nothing, but I am the mail order king.

Years ago, I ran a mail order business. It was actually a lot of fun.

It's way in the past now but something I noticed lately is that the skills I learned in that business are useful in all kinds of other things.

When we send presents at Christmas, I can usually figure out the exact sized box for the items, and best best way to make them all fit in the box, they won't move around, without foam or bubble wrap.

I know where to put tape to make sure the package doesn't rip while it's in transit.

I know the rules for addressing a letter or package that will get to its destination the quickest.

And today, I found out I know how to recognize a UPS tracking number. Sara ordered something and had a tracking number and two courier companies (they didn't mention which one it was shipped with - you had to check both sites to track the package). I looked at it, I said "it's UPS". Sara said "but it also says this orther company" "You're fighting the mail order king on this?"

It was UPS.

Any questions?

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