Friday, July 28, 2006

In the last few days I've been thinking about fun things to do when I'm rich. If someone calls me about a nice mansion for sale, I would say "Two questions: How many acres and how many millions?" (millions referring to the price).

I also found this boat for sale... It seems like a good price.... 8.5 million. I was looking at the pictures - say the grand piano which was really impressive - on a boat. Then I saw the dining room which looks like it would be in a large house... impressive, and then I saw the kitchen. It's really fancy. Sara likes to cook, you gotta get her a nice kitchen. The spiral staircase is cool and the buttons and everything in the pilothouse (see? I know big words) are cool.

And before you ask, sure, I'll bring you for a ride on the boat, but only if you're ubercool (wow, the first time I've had a chance to use that word I think).

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