Friday, July 21, 2006

Ok, as of today, I'm starting something new. I have decided to post my first Real Life Tip. You may think that the most important things in life are things like paying your bills on time, eating well, etc. Well, those are important things too but there are some things that really matter.

Like today's Luc's Real Life Tip:

"Don't put egg shells in an empty marshmallow bag."

This is important since someone else, who may have emptied the bag of marshmallows the night before, for example, may think the bag is empty. If the bag is filled with carrot shavings or something, the person would know that it is garbage. However, putting egg shells (particularly those just cut into two pieces when you break the shell to make fried eggs) in it makes the aforementioned person think "What? There's marshamallows left? Yay!" And for a split second that person is filled with confusion, happiness, elation, etc. Then the person finds out the truth. Old stinky egg shells (well maybe not stinky yet) and realises the truth. There still aren't any marshmallows left.

Hopefully everyone can remember that in their path through life and I hope this helps.

sorry boo :) It was me who put the eggshells in the marshamallow bag.

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