Monday, August 21, 2006

I paid back my debt to the pizza place today.

Years ago, I went to a pizza place (I think it was with Jason) and I didn't have enough money for a slice of pizza. I don't remember the amount but I think it was maybe 10 cents or 25 cents or something.

The guy said "That's ok, pay the difference next time."

Today Sara and I were walking by there and for years, I've been thinking I should go and pay them back. But I sort of thought it would be silly to go "here's some money I owe you from years ago."

But we bought a slice to share and it was like $3.40 or something. I told the guy that I was there a long time ago... well - the story's above - and told him don't worry about the change (from $4). At one point he said something like "after all this time it's $20". It was funny. I think it might have been the owner because he was all thankful and smiling. He looked like he really appreciated it.

So now I paid the pizza place back. And I'm hungry for pizza again.

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