Wednesday, August 16, 2006

My friend Luigi is performing at amateur night at a comedy club tonight. I love being on the guest list. It makes me feel important.

He's using one of my stories as one of his jokes. I went to Ikea and bought some steak knives... When I got home, I looked at the label and it had sort of a wine glass and fork, making it look like it's dishwasher safe. But next to it, there's a hand washing a knife under water, which makes it look like it's hand wash only. I was confused so I e-mailed Ikea and asked them if the symbol was actually dishwasher safe or not...

They replied (pretty quickly, I was impressed! I like Ikea) and said that the symbol means that that the knives as safe to come in contact with food. Hmm. Isn't that the point of the knife? That it will touch food at some point? Boy am I glad it's safe to have it in contact with food!

I'll return them. At least I didn't have to assemble them or anything...

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