Friday, August 18, 2006

Sara and I bought a new phone at some liquidation store the other day. It looks really cool. It's got blue backlighting, has 11 different ringers, gives you the time, date, day of the week, even the temperature... It has music on hold. A hands free phone. All kinds of features. It was only $15. We figured we'll buy it and if it doesn't work well, we can get rid of it.

We finally put some batteries in, and started to play with all of the features. The catch? It was only $15 in part because it doesn't have ringer off as far as I can see. What kind of phone doesn't have ringer off these days? I use ringer off a lot because I work late, get up late, and like most people, I don't like to have the phone ring when I'm busy. Actually, the ringer volume isn't even adjustable so even turning it way down isn't an option... Well, I don't think it is - the instructions aren't that great so you're guessing about half and they're explaining the other half.

Hmmm... so it's one of those places where you can return it but only for a store credit. Do I want to buy some other crap-um I mean item or do I keep the phone? We'll just have to see.

It's a nice looking phone though. Maybe I'll just unplug it and put it somewhere on display as art.

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