Thursday, September 28, 2006

I was just lying down on the floor of my living room and it started to smell like someone's baking muffins. Not just a pan of muffins, it smells like a bakery baking a bunch of them. But Sara went out shopping so it's not her. And I can't think of any place around that makes muffins. Unless there's a new muffin store on my street. I will have to investigate one of these days. I like muffins.

I also like the McDonalds ad that talks about muffins and english muffins where the guy keeps asking questions about muffins and english muffins and the other guy answers "Don't go to England." Comedy.

I'm hungry. Maybe Sara is buying me a treat.

So, have youfound the mysterious muffin man?
Nope. Never found him. And never smelled the muffins again. And now I'm hungry. :)
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