Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Ok Halloween is coming soon. First of all, how come for years, I've been spelling it Hallowe'en (with an apostrophe) - I'm sure that's how I learned in school. But everyone seems to spell it Halloween. So why stop now... I will spell it Hallowe'en.

Last night, I thought of a good costume idea. You take some saran wrap... lots of it... and you take some sort of hanger or something that you can bend into basically a circle... You put layers and layers of Saran Wrap around the circle and you find a way to tie the whole thing in front of your face. So people can see you but they can only see your blurry face through the layers of Saran Wrap.

When someone asks "so what are you supposed to be?" you answer "Innocent until proven guilty" - like the people on television with their faces blurred out.

It's not the safest costume in the world though... since in front of yoour face you've got a big blurry thing. Watch where you walk. But man will it make people laugh.

I regret throwing out my old big boots. I wanted to go out as Napoleon Dynamite. With a Vote for Pedro t-shirt. But then again, it's getting to be an old movie now.

guess I could go out for Hallowe'en as Tom, the MySpace guy. All I would need is a white t-shirt and I would walk backwards a little to the side... just like in his picture.

For many years, when I didn't dress up and just wore normal clothes, people would say "You're not wearing your costume" I would say, "I'm dressed as a student" or "I'm dressed as an undercover cop".

Here are some other things you can say you are dressed up as if you are just wearing normal clothes:

-Office worker (try to look bored hahaha just kidding)
-Jury foreman (try to wear a suit)
-Radio announcer (try to talk with a deep voice)
-Store manager (try to move really fast)
-Taxi driver (try to drive fast)
-Bank teller...

you get the point.

Or if all else fails, get your white t-shirt out and dress up as Tom!

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