Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Wow, it's been a while since I posted. I'm usually really healthy. But I had toe surgery about a month ago, an ear infection or water behind the ear or something where I was dizzy, and a cold all pretty well at the same time.

Ok... We were in the waiting room yesterday for Sara's own toe surgery and the radio was on.

The announcer was telling someone they won a gift certificate for a restaurant. I'd never heard of the restaurant so I asked Sara: "What's that place?"

Sara: Sounds like a health food place or vegetarian.

Me: Oh.

Sara: $50 might not buy a whole lot there. Those places are expensive a lot of the time.

Me: Yeah, and everything tastes like cardboard. You might as well save yourself the trouble and just eat the gift certificate! (because it's actually made of cardboard) :)

Man that's funny! It is funnier out loud than when it's written down... I think I'll have to start audio blogging again...

Oh, and I've been thinking lately... I have a very useful talent.

I can block the present out.

It's sort of reminiscent of an episode on Malcolm in the Middle where one of the kids (I think his name is Reese) just tunes out when he doesn't want to listen. I can't remember exactly, it was a long time ago but I think that's when I realized how useful my talent can be.

For example, if I'm at a friend's house and a bunch of us are watching a movie. But the movie is boring. I can be sitting there looking at the screen, even mentioning things about the movie once in a while, laughing when there's a joke, but after the movie, I can sit there and realize I didn't see or follow any of the movie.

I can sit in a class if I'm in training and be there for hours and not really have heard a thing.

I can sit in a car when other people are talking to each other, they talk about something boring, and I don't hear a word they say.

Someone could be yelling through a megaphone about something boring and I wouldn't hear a word they're saying.

I don't know what I end up thinking of instead (if anything), I can just tune out the boring in the world. It's pretty cool.

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