Saturday, April 21, 2007

I'm hooked on shawarmas lately. Mostly the chicken ones. There are all kinds of names for them - Greek people call them souflakis/souvlakis, Middle Eastern places call them chicken donairs - either way, I could eat them every day. Now I'm hungry. And I just had 4 slices of toast but I could eat some still.

I biked 22 kms today - maybe that's why I'm hungry. But I did eat spaghetti after and lots of chocolate that my sister sent me.

It all started this morning when I heard a voice talking Hindu or something really loud. Then a knock at the door. I got up really fast. Then I heard the Hindu voice getting further away. I opened the door and there was a parcel there. The mailman was talking on his cell phone. He looked back, I nodded my head to say thanks, he nodded and walked away continuing to talk on his cell phone.

She went to Hollywood a few weeks ago and sent me some cool gifts. Lots of chocolate (nothing to do with Hollywood it was just that she sent the present at Easter - though I'm pretty sure you could buy chocolate in Hollywood if you wanted to).

She sent me a Los Angeles Police Department t-shirt which is amazing. There was also a California Highway Patrol patch (I have had the theme song to Chips in my head all day). She sent me an Oscar statue that says "Best Brother") - it looks great! Also, a book and a Homer Simpson bobblehead. Oh, and a pair of socks that are striped and say Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary or something like that with an inmate number.

It was great - just like Christmas!

Oh well... I would order a shawarma but we ordered some last night. Maybe I should skip a day.

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