Tuesday, April 03, 2007

We walked around all afternoon. When we were walking home we realized that we went around the world almost in our own city. We went to a chinese bakery to buy a tuna bun (sort of a tuna sandwich). We went to an indian place to buy a samosa. We went to a german place to buy a couple of small sandwiches. We went to a japanese place to buy some sushi rice, nori and rice vinegar to make sushi for supper. We went to two italian places to buy a gift for someone and to buy cold cuts. I think there are probably other places we went without thinking about it but that's our trip around the world for the day. Oh, and we realized we can say thank you in lots of languages - xie xie in chinese (mandarin), danke in german, arigato in japanese (we said it to the japanese lady), grazie in italian. I just don't know how to say thank you to the guy in the indian store in his language. I will ask next time. For some reason, he was all friendly today. Usually he doesn't say much.

Just saw your comment on my Blog. Thanks for keeping check. I'm starting a new blog that should be updated more. It's going to be focused on music, and my life as a working musician/whatever else comes up....Might be nerdy music talk some but...Hopefully you'll find it interesting. Thanks again.
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