Wednesday, May 16, 2007

So I almost died tonight.

We were walking downtown and some car was leaving a parking garage, going pretty fast while we were crossing in front of it. Then, I saw the car wasn't really slowing down - I put my hands towards the hood and sort of said "Whoa" out loud. Then, the car stopped just a few inches from my legs (my hand was actually over the front of the hood, that's how close it was) and I looked at the driver - the girl was staring at me, her mouth open and her hands on her cheeks (like in that painting The Scream or whatever it's called).

Sara thought I had been hit (from where she was standing she didn't know). She was quick - she had memorized the license plate and everything!

It was weird. Oh well, it's all good. Then I kept joking around, saying "I almost died" to Sara, over and over as we walked home. She said it would have been depressing to spend the last 2 hours of my life at one of those real estate seminars you see on late night informercials. I said that would actually have been a pretty funny story. The near-accident was as we left the seminar.

We go to those make money fast type seminars for the entertainment. Hey, it's a cheap date (assuming you don't fall for their sales pitches!)... It's funny... Tonight the guy's like "some people - not in this group but others - go and stare at the ceiling (e both did that - I could describe it pretty accurately to you), they don't take notes (we didn't take notes)"... then says "what did they think they were coming to watch a play?" He was sort of insulting to people who don't care but then I thought how funny it is that that's EXACTLY what were were there to do! We go to watch the show.

Then on the way home, we thought "Why are we giving our real names? We should make up seminar names." Mine is Cliff Huxtable. When they ask "Really" I can just stare and say yes.

Sara's seminar name is Ming Mei Finklestein.

We'll see how that goes next time.

That's pretty freaky about the car, and yes, that would have been a depressing way to spend the last 2 hours of your life. But I love your names!
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