Monday, July 23, 2007

Here are some ways I like to annoy Sara. Well, some of them I've done (Poor Sara) and some I just thought of (Poor Sara):

1. When she asks for a glass of water, ask "a full glass?" she'll say "of course" - then fill it waaaaaay up - so there's so much water it's actually a bit higher than the brim - then walk verrry slooooowly and bring it to her. It gets funnier with time (to me, not to her).
Warnings: Try only with water. Juice will make a mess and turns it: 1) not so funny and 2) gives YOU some work to do.
Have I tried?: LOTS of times. She now asks for a full but not too full glass.

2. If you say something and she can't hear you, say "I said:" then say it again, but this time really mumbly and quietly. Works best when there's a lot of ambient noise and she's further away (from the living room to the kitchen for example)
Have I tried?: Yes. Variations of it anyways. Truly annoying.

3. Walk behind her everywhere and keep asking her "whatcha doin'?"
Have I tried?: Yes. Mostly the asking part, and the following part deperately. Only now did I think of trying both TOGETHER. Sara, when are you coming back from your trip?

4. When you watch tv, say, out of the blue things like "fantastico" and "ole!"
Have I tried?: No! Man! No! That's funny stuff! I've got to do that. I did a variation at work once that worked out good - quoting something I saw on TV "Now the people will know we were here" out of the blue. Worked out nicely.

5. Put her glasses on and walk around in circles sayinig "these ain't so great. everything's blurry" as you walk towards her breakable things - make sure you don't hit the breakable things or else it's 1) not so funny and 2) doesn't give you a whole lot of chance to work on the other things to annoy her.
Warnings: Probably not good for your eyesight.
Have I tried?: I think I might almost have but not specifically this. It gives me a headache to put on someone's glasses (as I guess it should).

6. Appease her and then scare her. if you're doing the laundry for the first time say "things went pretty well. the only thing is we'll need new towels at some point but besides that it turned out pretty good I'm proud of myself". then wait. let her figure out what nasty things could have happened to the towels.
Have I tried?: Oh yes! Comedy! Sorry Sara. I'm glad we can laugh about it now.

And I wonder why my hair is turning grey and I'm getting wrinkles....now I know why :)

As to when am I coming back from vacation? Depends on what annoying things are waiting for me upon my return :)
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