Wednesday, July 04, 2007

It was funny. I went to Canada Day celebrations the other day and saw this:

1. Went to Subway. They said that for Canada Day (I'm assuming because it's really busy and they don't want to offer all kinds of choices, so they can speed things up) - only American cheese is available.

2. Walked around to hear American Pie playing really loud on a restaurant patio.

3. Something else I think.

Oh well - it's July 4th today - happy Independence Day! Sara says maybe Subway is only selling Canadian cheese today in the U.S...

Edited - July 5/07: Oh yeah, now I remember - #3 is I turned on the TV and they were playing The Alamo (a sort of historic movie about America) on one of the large Canadian TV channels.

Edited - July 27/07: This is an old post but I just remembered something else - there was a cool street party and the DJ played as one of his first songs "Put Your Hands Up For Detroit." I don't really care though (I don't care about any of these things, it's just funny) because it was a great song - I'd never heard it before. It's the perfect street party song.

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