Monday, August 06, 2007

Ok if you're wondering why so many of my posts are about food lately, it's because Sara's been on a trip for the past 3 weeks or so. So basically, my life's revolved around working and eating. And she loves to cook - she could be a chef - and I don't like to cook so much (even though I'm actually pretty good at it)... so lately, I've been making all of my own meals. And since, though I would love to just eat tv dinners for 3 weeks, I can't eat just tv dinners for 3 weeks - so I had to do some cooking. Though I DID have a couple of tv dinners - I love those things (though I cooked one of them for 10 minutes on the high setting on the microwave instead of medium... I was wondering why the turkey was all tiny when the microwave oven beeped - it was funny looking).

But she's back in a couple of days. Phew! I'm hungry.

So you made turkey jerky? Echhh! LOL!
Yeah, I guess I did :)

Actually, looking back, it really wasn't too bad... Maybe I've found a new way to prepare tv dinners. I will have to do some tests... I love those things.
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